Huawei – Smartlogger

1. Functioning as communication manager, data logger, PLC master and Ethernet switch
2. Multiple communication interfaces including PLC, RS485, Fast Ethernet, and SFP ports, flexible applications
3. Up to 200 devices supported, including up to 80 Smart Inverters
4. STP and RSTP supported for multi-ring Ethernet network and ring protection
5. Bluetooth, embedded WEB and USB supported, user-friendly
6. I-V cure analysis supported

An integration of data collection, protocol conversion and Ethernet switch

Industrial application and carrier-class reliability

Huawei Smartlogger 1000

1. MODBUS-TCP for connections to Huawei NetEco
2. IEC60870-5-104 for connections to third-party monitoring systems
3. USB and embedded web for data reading and software upgrade
4. Automatically detecting equipment and assigning RS485 addresses
5. Remote control of active & reactive power

1. Up to 80 inverters feeding into one Smart Logger
2. Up to 30 devices per RS485 bus
3. Easy to install on walls, tabletops and rails mounting

1. Max. reliable communication range of 1000m
2. Remote configuration, automatic set-up of RS485 addresses