Irradiance Sensor With Anolog Output



A silicon solar cell can be used as an irradiance sensor, because the short-circuit current is proportional to irradiance. Our sensors are built out of a monocrystalline solar cell connected to a shunt. Due to the low resistance of the shunt the cell operates next to short circuit.

The temperature coefficient of the short-circuit current creates a small error.

The compensation is realized by using a specific temperature sensor laminated to the rear side of the solar cell. The measuring signals of short- circuit current of the cell and the resistance value of the temperature sensor are measured by a micro controller.

The calculated values of irradiance and temperature given onto a 4-20mA or 0-10V with customer specification protocol. The electronic circuit is optimized for low power consumption.


The solar cell is embedded in Ethylene- Vinyl- Acetate (EVA) between glass and Tedlar. Plain integration into the top cover of the box Advanced weatherproof junction box made of UV resistant material with cable gland and screw-less terminal for the connection of the measuring cable, therefore, the sensor construction is comparable to that of a standard PV module. The electrical connection is realized by a 3m cable.


General Information
Solar Cell Monocrystalline Silicon (52 mm x 52 mm)
Current shunt High precision shunt resistor directly soldered to the terminals of the cell
Operating temperature -30°C to +70°C
Electrical connection via 3 m cable, UV and weatherproof
Power supply 12 to 28 VDC (30 mA typically at 20 VDC)
Case, protection mode Advanced weatherproof junction box made of UV resistant material, IP54
Dimensions, weight 94 mm x 94 mm x 57 mm, approx. 200 g
Irradiance 0…1400 W/m2, Accuracy of monthly sums compared to a W.M.O.
class 1 Pyranometer (e.g. CMP 11) according to ISO 9060: better ±5%
Drift Very small drift of <0.3%/ year
Electrical Connection
Green Output Irradiance
Brown Power supply Irradiance (+)
Yellow Output Temperature
White Power supply Temperature (+)
Calibration Individual calibration of each sensors in the natural sunlight at AM 1,5
spectrum by means of a compatible calibrated reference cell.
Handling Case The sensor can be cleaned using a smooth cotton cloth, water and a mild cleaning fluid.
Opening of the sensor case by the user or installation staff is not necessary.
If the case is opened, we cannot guarantee the seal of the case anymore.
Signal output
Type I 4…20 mA
Linearity 0…1400 W/m2
Type U 0…10 V
Linearity 0…1400 W/m2