Technical Data

General Information  
Sensor Type DS18B20 digital temperature probe
Measuring Range Measures temperature from -55°C to 125°C (-67°F to +257°F)
Uncertainty ± 0.5 ⁰C, IEC61724-1 Compliance
Sensor Housing Stainless steel tube, 6 mm diameter, 50 mm length, 4 aspirated plates
Cable 3 m or 1,5 m PUR Cable, UV resistant
Protection IP67
Connection One-Wire-Bus technique
Resolution 0,1 ⁰C, IEC61724-1 Compliance

Integrating sensors into a Photovoltaic System allows additional measurments to be recorded, such as Irradiance, Ambient Temperature and much more.

SEVEN Sensor Solutions, as a weather station supplier, provide 3 types of ambient temperature sensors : Ambient Temperature sensor with Digital Output, With Analog Output and a third with Modbus RTU Output.


The Ambient Temperature Sensor must never receive light directly from the sun and must be mounted in a radiation shield, as it has the ability to protect the sensor from the effects of radiation. Therfore, SEVEN’s Ambient Temperature Sensor, with Digital Output DS18B20, is proctected by an IP65 plastic shield, UV and weather resistant, with 4 plates that allow air to pass freely and protect the sensor from any source of radiation. The measuring range is between -55°C and 125°C.


Most common installation errors in weather stations are associated with incorrect positioning of the temperature sensor. When placing a weather station, make sure:

  • The Ambient Temperature Sensor never receives direct sunlight and is mounted in a sheild for protection.
  • The Ambient Temperature Sensor is well ventilated by the wind and not blocked.
  • The Ambient Temperature Sensor should be located 15 meters far from the nearest paved surface.
  • The Ambient temperature sensor must be installed in shadow (even if it’s mounted in shield).

Our engineers, as part of SEVEN Sensor Solutions, are available to assist customers with remote setup service and information on anything that may need.