Products Datasheets

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Irradiance Sensors Irradiance Sensor With Modbus RTU Output 3S-IS
Irradiance Sensor With 4-20mA Output 3S-IS-T-I
Irradiance Sensor With 0-1,5V Output 3S-IS-T-V
Low-Cost Irradiance Sensor with Modbus RTU Output 3S-IS-LR
Dual Orientations Irradiance Sensor 3S-2IS
Multi-Orientation Irradiance Sensor 3S-4IS
Thermopile Pyranometer 3S-TP-MB
Albedometer Albedometer 3S-ALBEDO
Ambient Temperature Sensors Ambient Temperature Sensor-PT1000 Ambient Temperature Sensor 3S-AT-PT1000-MB 3S-AT-PT1000-MB
Ambient Temperature Sensor 3S-AT-PT1000-I 3S-AT-PT1000-I
Ambient Temperature Sensor-PT1000 3S-AT-PT1000
Ambient Temperature Sensor-18B20 3S-AT-18B20
Module Temperature ensors Module Temperature Sensor-PT1000 Module Temperature Sensor 3S-MT-PT1000-MB 3S-MT-PT1000-MB
Module Temperature Sensor 3S-MT-PT1000-I 3S-MT-PT1000-I
Module Temperature Sensor-PT1000 3S-MT-PT1000
Module Temperature Sensor-18B20 3S-MT-18B20
PT1000-MB Converter Multi-PT1000 Modbus Converter 3S-MC-M-PT1000
Wind Speed Sensors Wind Speed Sensor With Modbus RTU Output 3S-WS-MB
Wind Speed Sensor With Analog Output 3S-WS-I
Wind Speed Sensor With Pulse Output 3S-WS-PLS
Wind Direction Sensors Wind Direction Sensor With Modbus RTU Output 3S-WD-MB
Wind Direction Sensor With Analog Output 3S-WD-I
Wind Direction Sensor with Potentiometer Output 3S-WD
Humidity Sensors Relative Humidity Sensor With Modbus RTU Output 3S-RH & AT-MB
Relative Humidity Sensor With Digital Output 3S-RH & AT
Relative Humidity Sensor With Analog Output 3S-RH-I
SEVEN Sensor Box Sensor Box With Modbus RTU Output 3S-C2
Compact Weather Station Compact Weather Station 3S-CWS
Soiling Sensor Automatic Soiling Sensor 3S-SMS-MB
Manual Soiling Sensor with Modbus Output 3S-SMS-MB-M
Manual Soiling Sensor with HMI-PLC Monitoring 3S-SMS-HMI-M
Rain Gauge Rain Gauge With Modbus Output 3S-RG
Rain Gauge with Pulse Output 3S-RG-PLS
Snow Sensor PV Snow Sensor with Modbus RTU Output 3S-SS-MB