Bifacial panels and Albedometer

Figure1 Bifacial solar panels

The solar panels’ industry spends a lot of effort applying and searching for new technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of solar panels. in this article, we will explain the bifacial panels.

What are bifacial solar panels?

The bifacial solar panels have solar cells on both sides which allows more sunlight to be captured leading to additional yields and higher power densities.

The bifacial module generates up to 20–30% more energy compared to the conventional mono-facial module.

Mechanism of working of bifacial panels.

As there are two directions of panels; the top, and back, the top side will absorb the sunlight coming directly from the sun, while the back side will absorb light that is reflected from the ground.

The albedometer is an important device while evaluating the performance of bifacial panels.
SEVEN has developed a new product that can give the albedo measurement. Our product simply consists of 2 irradiance sensors connected to each other. One will be fixed on the top side facing the sun, and the other will be fixed on the back side facing the ground. The installation of the irradiance sensors must be in the same angle as the panels. The ratio of the reflected radiation to the total radiation is the solar albedo.

Figure#2 Albedometer

An important relevant parameter that has to be measured for the bifacial panels is the Bifaciality factor, which refers to the ratio of the rear power to the front power measured under standard test conditions (STC). From the below picture, the direct relation between the Bifaciality ratio and the albedo is clearly shown.

Figure#3 Bifaciality factor

Increasing the yield is a priority for the solar industry. the high bifaciality ratio results in a high yield, 30-50% yield can be gained in ideal installation conditions (high albedo value e.g., snow or a bright roof surface, perfect orientation, no shading).
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