Dual Orientation Irradiance Sensor for Rooftop Projects

The 3S-2IS model is specially developed for calculating the accurate Performance Ratio (PR) of dual orientation photovoltaic plants, as it calculates the average irradiance value as as per the number of panels in each direction. The installation directions of the panels in the PV power plants and the number of panels in these directions can be different. The user can set the number of panels in each orientation to perform the calculations correctly. The special design of the 3S-2IS allows simultaneous operation of two Irradiance Sensors, two Module Temperature Sensors, one Ambient Temperature Sensor and one Wind Speed Sensor.

The number of panels in both orientations to which the sensors are connected is entered on the electronics card via the 3S-2IS configuration interface. The total effective irradiance and total effective module temperature can be calculated and communicated to the datalogger via the Modbus RTU protocol. By using these values, the exact Performance Ratio of the plant can be calculated in the monitoring system.