SEVEN Meteorological Station for Huawei Smartlogger

The Huawei Meteorological Station contains several Weather Sensors that are used to record physical measurements and climatic parameters. These sensors are manufactured in Turkey under the brand name SEVEN Sensor. SEVEN Sensor brand has been approved by Huawei Headquarter, due to the compatibility between our sensors and Huawei Smartloggers.

Video of Huawei Weather Station’s process

The engineers at SEVEN Sensor have done their best to ensure the proper communication between our sensors and the different types of Huawei Smartloggers. The ability to communicate our products is the result of a detailed and well-done technical study.

The video above shows all the sensors used to set up the Huawei weather station, mentioning the types of cables used and the protocol adopted, as well as the inputs and outputs of each sensor. In other words, this video has explained the process in a precise and clear manner.