The Sensor Box has max. 6 inputs and 1 output connectors. Each plastic connector has a different pin number which prevents any connection confusion during site installation. SEVEN Sensor Box is designed as Plug & Run device and end user friendly operation.


General Information
Operating Temperature -40 °C to +90 °C
Cable Kind 3 m LIYYC11Y PUR Cable , UV and weather resistant
Power Supply 12 to 30 VDC (30 mA typically at 20 VDC)
Interface / Communication RS485 up to 19200 Baud
Protocol The sensor box is connected via a 2-wire RS485 bus with open vendor-independent
Modbus RTU Protocol, Sunspec compliant
Galvanic Isolation 1000 V between power supply and RS485 bus
Sensor Box Advanced weatherproof junction box made of UV resistant material
Dimensions, Weight 108 mm x 140 mm x 42 mm, approx 300 g
Protection IP54 (IP65, IP68 options)
Electrical Connection  
Brown Power (+)
White Power (-)
Green RS485 A / Data (+)
Yellow RS485 B / Data (-)
Input#1 Ambient or Module Temperature Sensor (PT1000), 4 pin connector
Input#2 Ambient or Module Temperature Sensor (PT1000), 5 pin connector
Input#3 Ambient or Module Temperature Sensor (PT1000), 4 or 5 pin connector
Input#4 3S-WS-PLS, Wind speed Sensor, 2 pin connector
Input#5 3S-WD, Wind Direction Sensor, 3 pin connector
Input#6 3S-RH&AT, Relative Humidity&Ambient Temperature Sensor, 7 pin connector
Output Power and Communication, 6 pin connector
Warranty 5 years Limited warranty against manufacturer defects. Opening of the sensor box by the user or installation staff is not accepted. Opening of the sensor box is one of the reason of terminating the warranty conditions.
Modbus Specification  
Baud Rate 4800 , 9600 , 19200 , 38400
Parity None , even , odd
Stop Bit 1, 2 (only none porite)
Factory Default 9600 Baud , 8N1 , Address : 1

Wiring external sensors