SEVEN will be present in many exhibitions


As the leading manufacturer of meteorological sensors in Turkey. SEVEN Sensor has attended many exhibitions in 2021, such as Solar Solution International in the Netherlands, Be Positive in France, The Smart E Europe in Germany, and the EIF International Energy Congress and Expo in Turkey.

Importance of attending universal exhibitions

Exhibitions, Trade shows, fairs and other professional events are the excellent way for companies to meet many new contacts, to present and make their products known, to see what the competition is offering, to increase their turnover, etc. This is exactly the reason why we, SEVEN Sensor, decided to be present in logical number of the organized solar exhibitions each year.

Thanks to the exhibitions we participated in, we were able to present our new SEVEN products and services, we could make our company visible to the world, and we met with new prospects; because many of the visitors to the exhibition are potential buyers, so the exhibitions were a unique opportunity for us to approach the customer and win him over!

Besides what we mentioned before, our participation in the exhibitions gave us the opportunity to develop our customers’ loyalty, because among the visitors, some of them are already our clients, and the exhibition was then our chance to build stronger relationships with them, to make them benefit from specific offers/discounts linked to the exhibition. In short, we could keep them in our client list and above all we make them want to stay!

SEVEN Sensor and 2022 Solar Exhibitions

SEVEN Sensor will certainly be present at the organized solar energy fairs of the year 2022. We are well prepared for this, we have booked the stands, chosen the products to be exhibited, and selected the team to exhibit.

We will attend many Exhibitions in 2022 as mentioned as per the below SEVEN Exhibition Calendar:

  • Solar Istanbul in Turkey in 23/03 – 26/03
  • Solarex in Turkey in 07/04 – 09/04
  • Solar Solution in the Netherlands 12/04 – 14/04
  • Intersolar in Germany 11/05 – 13/05
  • Genera in Spain 14/06 – 16/06
  • Solar Power Mexico in Mexico 12/07 – 14/07
  • Intersolar South America in Brazil 23/08 – 25/08
  • EIF International Energy Congress and Expo in Turkey 12/10 – 14/10
  • Solar PV Show in Vietnam 27/10 – 28/10
  • Intersolar North America in California 26/01 –28/01 of the year 2023

The products to be exhibited

Our SEVEN sensor weather stations that will be presented during the exhibitions are, Irradiance sensors, Pyranometers, Ambient and Module Temperature Sensors, Wind Speed and Direction sensors, Rain Gauges, Relative Humidity sensors, Manual and Automatic Soil monitoring Systems, etc.

Meet us in Exhibitions

These Exhibitions, Shows, or as they are called Fairs or professional events are really indispensable, because they bring together offer and demand on the same event, they are great opportunities to seize! For this, we look forward to seeing many of you and to enjoying these exhibition days together, which will be rich in exchanges.