The portable soiling sensor: Solar efficiency innovation

The effect of Soiling on PV Panels

As part of SEVEN SENSOR research into optimizing solar energy production, we have come up with a highly innovative development: the portable soiling sensor. Unlike traditional soiling sensors, which are fixed to a single location, this innovative device can be easily transported and deployed at different sites.

This product is designed and developed for the needs of module cleaning companies. They often face challenges in dealing with PV owners regarding the optimal time to clean modules, especially in the absence of a fixed soiling sensor at the site. To address this, they demand a portable soiling sensor that they can carry with them and easily place on the module to provide accurate soiling ratio readings. Let’s explore the impact and potential benefits of this new technology developed by SEVEN SENSOR.

Portable Soiling Sensor

Special features:

  • Mobility:

The main feature of the portable soiling sensor is its mobility. The device is designed to be moved effortlessly from one array of solar panels to another, enabling dynamic monitoring at different locations.

  • Adaptability:

The portable soiling sensor can adapt to different solar installations. Its portability facilitates the efficient collection of data on soiling rates, providing a better understanding of the impact of environmental factors on solar panel performance.

  • Real-time Monitoring:

This sensor provides real-time data, giving an instant overview of soiling rates. This capability improves the response of maintenance teams, enabling fast cleaning to maximize solar efficiency.

Cleaning Robot for PV Panels

Potential Benefits:

  • Cost-effective: The ability to move the sensor eliminates the need to install multiple fixed sensors in different locations. This not only reduces initial installation costs, but also ongoing maintenance costs.


  • Decisions based on data: The real-time data provided by the portable soiling sensor provides valuable information to decision makers. This enables real-time control of data to optimize the performance of solar energy systems.


The release of SEVEN SENSOR’s portable soiling sensor marks a major step forward. Its mobility, adaptability and real-time monitoring capabilities aim to further change the way we ensure optimal efficiency in solar power production. By embracing this new technology, we’re one step closer to a sustainable future powered by cleaner, more efficiently managed solar resources.