Wind Direction Sensor With Analog Output


We offer wind-direction and wind-speed indicators available in a number of different designs. The product palette ranges from simple low-cost devices to high-quality and robust sensors with outstanding price-performance ratios, as well as highly accurate precision sensors.

All of the models are available with various output signals, such as pulse signals, potentiometer, analog signals (mA or V), resistance signals or RS485 interfaces.


General Information
Sensor type Wind direction transmitter, the wind vane consists of fiber-glass reinforced, the housing is made of anodized aluminum and plastic, IP55
Signal 4 … 20 mA, max. 500 Ω
Range 0 … 360°, (Resolution: 11.25 °)
Accuracy ±5 °
Electronic/Heating > 15 V DC or 24 V AC, 24 V AC/DC, max 20 W
Ambient temp. -40 … +70 °C
Cable 12 m cable LiYCY, 6 x 0.25 mm²
Dimensions Ø 330 x 220 mm
Weight 1.1 kg


3S-WD-PTM Wind direction sensor, Potentiometer Datasheet
3S-WD-PLS Wind direction sensor, reed contact, pulse Datasheet
3S-WD-010 Wind direction sensor, 0-10V output Datasheet
3S-WD-MB Wind direction sensor, Modbus RTU, RS485 output Datasheet