General Information
Power Supply 12…30 VDC (30 mA typically at 20 VDC)
Measuring Range 0…359°
Tolerance ±3%
Max. Wind Holder over 80 m/s
Start Speed 1m/s
Cable 3m PUR cable, UV and weather resistant
Interface RS485 up to 19200 Baud
Protocol The sensor is connected via a 2-wire RS485 bus with open vendor-independent Modbus RTU Protocol
Galvanic Isolation 1000 V between power supply and RS485 bus
Height 259 mm
Mast Holder Diameter: max. 57 mm
Weather Vane 255 mm
Protection IP65
Electrical Connection
Brown Power(+)
White Power(-)
Green RS485 A / Data (+)
Yellow RS485 B / Data (-)