SEVEN Meteorological Station for GoodWe Ezlogger

Seven Sensor offers a full weather station compatible with GoodWe Ezlogger. Thanks to SEVEN sensors, the daily meteorological data are measured which allows the monitoring system of GoodWe, Promate, to calculate the performance ratio. The main purpose of installing a weather station is to compare the energy that the field actually produces with the energy it should produce, and in this way, the end user would avoid the unknown energy loss in the PV Plant.

GoodWe Weather station includes;
1. Irradiance Sensor
2. Module Temperature Sensor
3. Ambient Temperature Sensor
4. Wind Speed Sensor
5. Wind Direction Sensor

The Irradiance Sensor is the main sensor and all other sensors are externally connected to the Irradiance Sensor Box. The data collected by the Irradiance Sensor is communicated with the datalogger with a single cable and Modbus RTU communication protocol.

SEVEN Sensors can be easily configurated in the monitoring system of GoodWe. Our technical team prepared a document where all the setting instructions are clearly explained. For more details or questions, our sales team will be glad to assist you.