SolarEdge Sensor: A New Model of SEVEN Irradiance Sensor

SolarEdge Irradiance Sensor

As part of our R&D team’s efforts to expand our product range, a new irradiance sensor model has been designed, developed, and manufactured; SolarEdge Irradiance Sensor.

Introduction to SolarEdge and its Datalogger

SolarEdge is a global leader in smart energy technology that has been at the forefront of innovation in the solar industry for over a decade. The company’s mission is to provide homeowners, businesses, and large-scale solar projects with advanced monitoring, optimization, and control solutions that maximize energy production while minimizing costs.

The commercial gateway is an all-in-one communication gateway, expanding the SolarEdge system’s monitoring and control capabilities. It connects to SolarEdge inverters, environmental sensors, and meters, and transfers monitoring data to the SolarEdge monitoring platform and optionally, to a third-party data logger.

SolarEdge Gateway includes three analog inputs for sensors as follows;

  • Input1: 0-30mV or 0-2V
  • Input2: 0-2V or 0-10V
  • Input3: -20mA-20mA

In order to connect the maximum number of sensors to a single SolarEdge Datalogger, SEVEN has decided to work on a new model of Irradiance Sensor; Irradiance Sensor with 0-1,5V Output.

What is SolarEdge Irradiance Sensor?

SolarEdge Irradiance Sensors are sensors that measure the radiation value from the sun in W/m² and convert it to an output signal range of 0-1,5V. As the Irradiance Sensor with 0-1,5V is widely used for SolarEdge Gateway, SEVEN has decided to name this new model by SolarEdge Irradiance Sensor. SolarEdge Irradiance Sensor is manufactured with the same high quality as other models of SEVEN Irradiance Sensor.

The accuracy of SolarEdge Sensor is 1,2%<2%, which means that it can be used for Class A Monitoring System as per IEC61724-1. Each Irradiance Sensor is calibrated by SEVEN in the factory under Class AAA Sun Simulator as per IEC 60904-2 by using a reference cell calibrated by ISFH-Germany. Before dispatching any irradiance sensor to its client, SEVEN tests it under natural sunlight by using a calibrated reference cell from Fraunhofer ISE, Germany. As with all irradiance sensor models, SEVEN provides a 5-year Limited warranty against manufacturer defects for SolarEdge Irradiance Sensor as well.

SolarEdge Irradiance sensor model includes also an internal cell temperature sensor allowing the calculation of compensated irradiance value.

Which environmental sensors are connected to SolarEdge Gateway?

In addition to Irradiance Sensor, SolarEdge Monitoring System allows the monitoring of Module Temperature Sensor, Ambient Temperature Sensor, Wind Speed Sensor, and Wind Direction Sensor as well. SEVEN provides all these sensors with analog output which makes them compatible with SolarEdge Gateway.

Using these different environmental sensors allows the investor to monitor properly the PV Plant which helps optimize the energy production. The data collected by the sensors is transmitted to the SolarEdge Gateway, which acts as a central hub for all the data. The gateway collects and analyzes the data in real-time, and uses sophisticated algorithms to optimize the performance of the PV plant. The gateway is also connected to the internet, which means that the data can be accessed remotely by plant managers and technicians, allowing them to monitor and troubleshoot any issues that may arise in the PV plant.

SolarEdge Weather Station