Sungrow Weather Stations

SunGrow Weather Station 2

The required Sensors in your Weather Station

Sensor Item Code Details
Irradiance Sensor 3S-SR-T-MB Irradiance Sensor With Modbus RTU Output
Ambient Temperature Sensor 3S-AT-18B20 Ambient Temperature Sensor-18B20
Module Temperature Sensor 3S-MT-18B20 Module Temperature Sensor-18B20
Wind Speed Sensor 3S-WS-PLS Wind Speed Sensor With Digital Output

Sungrow was founded in 1997 and is the world’s leading supplier of inverter solutions in the renewable energy sector, with over 79 GW of inverter deliveries. It has recently entered into a partnership with SEVEN Sensor Solutions, due to the compatibility of our sensors with Sungrow’s Datalogger.

The range of products that make up the Sungrow Weather Station is as follows:

Irradiance Sensor or PV Pyranometer, with Modbus RTU output, that measures radiation, is also used as a Reference Cell due to its high measuring accuracy. Taking into consideration that the use of this PV Pyranometer is crucial for measurement in solar applications, the SEVEN irradiance sensor is designed as a sensor box as it contains a Module temperature inside. It has also three input ports for additional sensors, and an output port connected to the Sungrow Datalogger via a RS485 cable.

Ambient Temperature Sensor is very important to see how production is affected by temperature. This sensor is mounted inside a solar radiation shield which has 8 aspirated plates that allow air to pass freely. The shield has the ability to protect the Ambient Temperature Sensor from radiation and other sources of radiant heat.

Module Temperature Sensor, delivered with a digital output, is covered by a plastic housing with an aluminum plate to protect the obtained data. This sensor is very important as it provides the data in real time with no much delay. Less delay means better accuracy.

The Wind Speed Sensor, also known as a digital output Anemometer, is used to measure wind speed in solar power plants, and to provide the data to the Sungrow Datalogger.

İSolarCloud Online monitoring platform

The iSolarCloud is designed as a mobile terminal application used for the monitoring of photovoltaic plants. The iSolarCloud APP offers services such as the analysis of the operation of power plants in groups and intelligent operation and maintenance.

Users may monitor the plant’s device information remotely or locally via the application.

SEVEN Sensor at Your Service

SEVEN Sensor wholesales weather stations to its customers without defining a minimum order quantity. We always support our customers and help them to get the products and the correct quantity they need. This makes us the leading supplier of Weather Stations and Sensors for many traders and end-users.

Our logistics department ensures a fast delivery to its customers worldwide. This means that customers receive their products on time at their front door.

Our engineers are, therefore, at your disposal to provide you with information on anything you might need concerning the Weather Monitoring Stations.