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SEVEN Sensor has focused on ABB/Fimer products in the solar industry, and has become a solution partner of its distributors.

With the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of products, systems, solutions and services, Fimer optimizes the performance, reliability and return on investment of all types of solar installations, from residential rooftops to commercial and industrial applications and power plants.

Sunspec Compatible Weather Station

For this, SEVEN Sensor decided to produce a complete set of meteorological sensors that form the ABB/Fimer Weather Station. These sensors are as follows.

  • PV Pyranometer or Irradiance Sensor is one of several sensors used in solar power plants to monitor and evaluate photovoltaic systems. It is used to measure the irradiation value to compare it with the amount of energy produced, and to understand when there are serious deviations. The irradiation sensor measures the amount of radiation received from the sun in W/m².
  • Ambient Temperature Sensor is used to detect the change in temperature in the environment. This sensor displays the value of the ambient temperature in degrees Celsius (° C).
  • Module Temperature Sensor is the sensor used to detect the temperature values of the modules, which offers an economical solution for solar power plants and universal applications. The temperature that occurs in the panel can vary considerably depending on the ambient temperature, so the Module Temperature Sensor is used to analyze this Data. It measures the temperature value of the panel in (° C).
  • Wind speed sensor is used to measure wind speed in solar power plants, also known as anemometer, and provides data to the VSN700. It measures the wind speed in m/s.
  • The Wind Direction Sensor, is used to measure wind direction in the PV Plant and provides the data to the Datalogger in degree °.


ABB/Fimer’s VSN700 data management system allows solar customers to connect their commercial, industrial and large-scale PV systems to the Aurora Vision cloud to enable remote condition monitoring, operations and maintenance services.

Configuration in Plant Portfolia Manager Fimer

SEVEN Sensor at your disposal

SEVEN Sensor is a leading company in the field of meteorological sensors. We produce our sensors in a precise and calibrated manner in our factory in Corum, Turkey. In addition, we have national and international sales.

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding solar sensors, please feel free to contact us and get support from our technical team.