SolarEdge Weather Station

solaredge weather station

The required sensors in your weather station

Sensor   Item Code Details
Ambient Temperature Sensor 3S-AT-PT1000-I/U Ambient temperature sensor 3S-AT-PT1000-I-U
Irradiation Sensor 3S-SR-T-I/U Irradiation Sensor With Anolog Output
Wind Speed Sensor 3S-WS-I/U Wind Speed Sensor With Analog Output
Module Temperature Sensor 3S-MT-PT1000-I/U Module Temperature Sensor 3S-AT-PT1000-I-U
Wind Direction Sensor 3S-WD-I/U Wind Direction Sensor With Analog Output
Humidity Sensor 3S-RH-I/U Humidity Sensor With Analog Output

Other Sensors:

  • Rain Gauge
  • Air Pressure Sensor
  • Soiling Station