The required sensors in your weather station

Product Photo Sensor Type Item Code Product Details
irradiance-sensor-with-modbus-rtu-output-2 Irradiance Sensor 3S-IS Irradiance Sensor With Modbus RTU Output
ambient-temperature-sensor-3s-at-pt1000 Ambient Temperature Sensor PT1000 3S-AT-PT1000 Ambient Temperature Sensor-PT1000
module-temperature-sensor-3s-mt-pt1000 Module Temperature Sensor PT1000 3S-MT-PT1000 Module Temperature Sensor-PT1000
wind-speed-sensor-with-pulse-output-1 Wind Speed Sensor 3S-WS-PLS-P Wind Speed Sensor With Pulse Output
relative-humidity-sensor-with-digital-output Humidity Sensor 3S-RH&AT Relative Humidity Sensor With Digital Output