The required sensors in your weather station

Product Photo Sensor Type Item Code Product Details
irradiance-sensor-with-modbus-rtu-output-2 Irradiance Sensor 3S-IS Irradiance Sensor With Modbus RTU Output
ambient-temperature-sensor-3s-at-pt1000 Ambient Temperature Sensor-PT1000 3S-AT-PT1000 Ambient Temperature Sensor-PT1000
module-temperature-sensor-3s-mt-pt1000 Module Temperature Sensor PT1000 3S-MT-PT1000 Module Temperature Sensor-PT1000
wind-speed-sensor-with-pulse-output-1 Wind Speed Sensor 3S-WS-PLS-P Wind Speed Sensor With Pulse Output
relative-humidity-sensor-with-digital-output Humidity Sensor 3S-RH&AT Relative Humidity Sensor With Digital Output


Since we, SEVEN Sensor Solutions, work as a solution partner of SMA’s distributors, we provide a full weather station containing sensors that are completely compatible with SMA’s Data Manager M.

In order to achieve an accurate measurement of the meteorological parameters, not only dataloggers or inverters are needed, but also sensors that record the meteorological data and forward it to the datalogger. For this reason, SEVEN Sensor has given more importance to improve its sensors, and we have succeeded to connect our high-quality sensors with the DataManager M of SMA.

Our SMA weather station is as follows.

  • Irradiance Sensor or PV Pyranometer, with Modbus RTU output, that measures radiation, is also used as a Reference Cell due to its high measuring accuracy. Taking into consideration that the use of this PV Pyranometer is crucial for measurement in solar applications. The SEVEN irradiance sensor designed as a sensor box as it contains an internal cell temperature sensor. It has also up to five input ports for additional sensors, and an output port connected to the DataManager M via a RS485 cable.
  • Ambient temperature Sensor is important to see how production is affected by temperature. Besides, the temperature formed in the panel can vary considerably from the ambient temperature, so this sensor provides valuable data for the analysis.
  • Module Temperature Sensor, which is generally used to measure the temperature of surfaces. It is mounted on the back of the PV panel and provides the module temperature. By monitoring the temperature, the nature of the output curve can also be estimated.
  • Wind Speed Sensor is a device used to measure the wind speed and provides the data obtained to SMA DataManager M.
  • Relative Humidity sensor, is used to measure the relative humidity of photovoltaic systems.


Seven Sensors provides a remote setup service via Sunny Portal, a web portal for monitoring and visualization of system data. The Data Manager M and Sunny Portal are perfectly adapted to each other. This not only facilitates the monitoring, analysis, parameterization and management of photovoltaic systems, but also saves costs and time.


During installation, if you face any difficulties, our engineers are available to provide you with a remote setup service and information on anything you may need. Simply contact us by mail or phone.

pdfSetting Instructions for SMA Weather Station