SMA Weather Station

3.sma weather station

The required sensors in your weather station

Sensor Item Code Details
Irradiance Sensor 3S-SR-T-I/U Irradiance Sensor With Analog Output
Ambient Temperature Sensor 3S-AT-PT1000 Ambient Temperature Sensor 3S-AT-PT1000
Module Temperature Sensor 3S-MT-PT1000 Module Temperature Sensor 3S-MT-PT1000
Wind Speed Sensor 3S-WS-I/U Wind Speed Sensor With Analog Output
Wind Direction Sensor 3S-WD-I/U Wind Direction Sensor With Analog Output
Humidity Sensor 3S-RH-I/U Humidity Sensor With Analog Output

Other Sensors:

  • Rain Gauge
  • Air Pressure Sensor

SMA Monitoring System

SMA Solar Technology has been one of the pioneers and leaders in solar system technology for almost 40 years. So, as one of the world’s largest inverter manufacturers, SMA Solar Technology supplies the right inverters for every type of unit and system size.

In addition to the inverters, SMA Solar Technology also produces its own data logger, called DATA MANAGER M, which is used as a monitoring and management platform for photovoltaic systems.


Since we, SEVEN Sensor Solutions, work as a partner of SMA’s distributors, we provide a full weather station containing sensors that are completely compatible with SMA’s Data Manager M.

As shown in the figure above, the SMA data logger is not directly connected to the weather station, there is a gateway that transfers the data from the sensors to the DATA MANAGER M. This gateway consists of a router and two MOXA IoLogik: the first type E1242, with 4 analog inputs and 4 digital outputs, and the second type E1260 with PT100 and PT1000 inputs.

The most requested sensors of the SMA weather station are the following:

PV pyranometer, with Analog Output, measures the amount of solar radiation in W/m2. It is made of monocrystalline silicone and connected to a high-precision shunt. This irradiance sensor is very practical and flexible because, in addition to its function, it contains an integrated Module Temperature.

Ambient temperature Sensor, with PT 1000 Input, is mounted inside a shield against solar radiation that has 8 suction plates that allow air to pass freely. This shield is actually used to protect the ambient Temperature sensor from any type of irradiance.

Module temperature sensor, with PT 1000 Input, is housed in a plastic cover with an aluminum plate to protect the data obtained. This sensor is used to measure the temperature values of the panels in (° C). note that it offers an economical solution for solar power plants and universal applications.

Wind speed sensor, also called anemometer, with analog output is made of stainless steel. It has three hemispherical cups oriented in the same direction and which can rotate freely. To avoid air turbulence caused by buildings, the wind speed sensor must be placed in a well-cleared area and sufficiently high. Note that wind speed is measured in Kilometers per hour (km/h) or meters per second (m/s).

Monitoring & Control of SMA DATA MANAGER M.

Seven Sensors provides a remote setup service via Sunny Portal, a web portal for monitoring and visualization of system data. The Data Manager M and Sunny Portal are perfectly adapted to each other. This not only facilitates the monitoring, analysis, parameterization and management of photovoltaic systems, but also saves costs and time.

Network structure of SMA Weather Station

As mentioned before, the communication between the SMA DataLogger and the weather Station is done through a gateway, the router and two types of MOXA IoLogik. These pre-configured MOXA I/O systems are perfectly matched with the new IoT ennexOS and can be easily connected to the system as figured in picture above. Thanks to their high adaptability, the systems can respond at any time to customers’ changing. This can occur, for example, if legal or normative requirements change.

Do You Have Questions?

During installation, if you face any difficulties, our engineers are available to provide you with a remote setup service and information on anything you may need. Simply contact us by mail or phone.